Fainlise Development (H.K.) Limited


Established in 1992, Fainlise Development (H.K.) Limited has years of experience in distributing quality skin care products to beauty salons in Hong Kong and Macau. In the past years, we have had amiable business relationships with beauty salons all over Hong Kong and Macau. We have built a solid reputation in the skin care distribution business in the local market and have successfully gained recognition from the local businesses.

We are specialized and experienced in skin care products. With our enthusiasm and wide distribution network, Fainlise Development (H.K.) Limited and its subsidiary, New Times Cosmetic Company, are uniquely positioned to respond to the changes of the market, work with the needs of our existing customers and to innovate. Our competitive edge enables us to take challenges and develop.


Goods and Services

In the past years, we have been the sole agent (in Hong Kong and Macau) of the brand, Fainlise (Paris), that target on the customers which are seeking for medium-high priced skin care products.

Our beauty therapists and advisors are experienced professional who passes internationally recognised qualifications and in-depth knowledge of skin care. They all have full acquaintance with different products. Therefore professional beauty advice can be provided to our customers, based on various skin types or problems and provide the best treatment and products. Our sales representatives are helpful, trustworthy and have got good understanding of our products. They often pay visit to our customers and are pleased to offer advice to them.


Advertising and Marketing

To effectively promote our products to our target customers, beauty salons which are looking for medium-high priced beauty products, we place advertisements in every issue of Hong Kong Beauty Magazine (the Hong Kong edition of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques magazine), which is the leading beauty magazine for beauty professionals in Hong Kong. We also place advertisements in other famous women magazines (such as Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Jessica Code) to promote brand awareness among end-users.

Apart from placing advertisements in different publications, we also take part in beauty trade events and expos in order to expand our customer base and increase our market share.



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